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"The many faces of Waterland"


This book showcases the best work of the Dutch photographers Marco Bakker, Wout Berger, Hans Bottelier, Marijke Bresser, Dirk Buwalda, Rachel Corner, Noor Damen, C. Barton van Flymen, Frits Gerritsen, Olaf Klijn, Henk van der Leeden, Marco van Middelkoop, Albert Roosenburg, Bert Verhoeff, Sietske de Vries and Manfred Wirtz on Waterland. Many of them resident in the Greater Waterland region and they all share a special affinity with the area. With texts by Olaf Klijn and Sjaak Hoogendoorn. Part of the proceeds from this publication have been donated to the local conservation society Agrarisch Natuurbeheer Waterland.

Published by Olaf Klijn. Size: 24x22 cm. Pages: 96. ISBN: 9 789080 830226. Sold out.

"Architecture & Living in Broek in Waterland"


This book aims to document a representative selection of the most interesting buildings in the village of Broek in Waterland, situated just north of Amsterdam. Brief, informative texts give the history of how the buildings have been used and occupied and the main architectural features. These supplement the 280 photographs of the buildings' exteriors, interiors and architectural details. This is the first ever illustrated survey of this unique village. It is a snapshot of the village, at the beginning of the 21st century and it offers a fascinating view of the past. Part of the proceeds from the sale of this book have been donated to the restoration fund of the Dutch Reformed Curch in Broek in Waterland. With photographs by Olaf Klijn and texts (in Dutch and English) by Anne M.C. van Wijngaarden, formerly employed by the Waterland Council, responsible for the conservation of historic buildings. Published by Olaf Klijn. Size: 21x30 cm. Pages: 174. ISBN: 9 7890 830219.

Autographed copies of the first edition are for sale at 30 euros including postage in the Netherlands.

The second edition sold uit.

"10 Dutch 17th century wooden homes"


The ten most striking historic homes from the book "Architecture & Living in Broek in Waterland" mentioned above are featured in this king size digital book which you can preview in full and order by clicking on the picture of the cover to the right. Published by Olaf Klijn. Size: 27x32 cm. Pages: 90.

"¿ Cuba libre ? land van contrasten-land of contrasts-país de contrastes"


This digital king size photo book features 111 photographs and texts in Dutch, English and Spanish. You can preview the book in full and order it by clicking on the picture of the cover to the right.

Published by Olaf Klijn. Size: 27x32 cm. Pages: 120.


If you wish to order one or more of the images from the book as a fine art print please do not hesitate to send an

e-mail message.

"Henri Cassiers, 1858-1944"


At the occasion of the fact that in 1994 it was 50 years ago when Henri Cassiers died this fabulous book was published. Size 25x30 cm, hard cover, 166 pages. Two versions appeared, one with Dutch text and one with French text. Alongside the release of the book exhibitions have been held at the Museum Vleeshuis at Antwerp, Belgium (April 1 – June 12) and the Katwijks Museum at Katwijk, The Netherlands (June 25 –September 24).

Olaf Klijn contributed to the production of the book and the exhibitions. He also contributed to the exhibition at

the Zuiderzee Museum at Enkhuizen in 1994 featuring works of Henri Cassiers.

Publisher: Uitgeverij Pandora, ISBN 90-5325-01508 (Text in Dutch).

A few copies in mint condition of the Dutch version of the book are still available at € 30,-. If you wish to order the book please send an e-mail message to olafklijn4(at)

>>> preface in the book "Henri Cassiers 1858-1944" by Tony Oost in English.

>>> introduction dans le livre “Henri Cassiers 1858-1944” par Tony Oost en Francais.

>>> inleiding in het boek "Henri Cassiers 1858-1944" door Tony Oost in het Nederlands.


"Sylvia Lo-A-Njoe, portretschilderijen - portrait pantings"


Olaf Klijn was responsible for the design and photography for this book featuring the portrait paintings made by the Dutch artist painter Sylvia Lo-A-Njoe. Please click on the image of the cover to the right for a full preview.



Azulejo is a form of Portuguese or Spanish painted, tin-glazed, ceramic tile work. It has become a typical aspect of Portuguese culture, having been produced without interruption for five centuries. There is also a tradition of their production in former Portuguese and Spanish colonies in Latin America and in the Philippines. In Portugal, azulejos are found on the interior and exterior of churches, palaces, ordinary houses and even railway stations or subway stations. They constitute a major aspect of Portuguese architecture as they are applied on walls, floors and even ceilings. They were not only used as an ornamental art form, but also had a specific functional capacity like temperature control in homes. Many azulejos chronicle major historical and cultural aspects of Portuguese history. This digital photo book features a large number of photographs and texts in Dutch and English. Published by Olaf Klijn. Size: 21x24 cm. Pages: 58.

You can preview the book in full and order it by clicking on the picture of the cover to the right.

Photographic contributions by Olaf Klijn have been published in the following books:


“Architect 2004, Creative Works of Dutch Architects” (ISBN 90-4400-56-OX)

“M III Architecten, Facts and Fantasies” (ISBN 90-77072-13-6)

“Moderne Architectuur Fotografie in Haarlem” (ISBN 90-78381-043),

“Het Beroemde Huis” (Anne M.C. van Wijngaarden) (ISBN 90-78381-043)

“De Agnieten Kapel” (Universiteit van Amsterdam)

“Het Gezicht van Waterland” m.m.v. 16 beroepsfotografen (ISBN 978-90-808302-2-6)

“Een welkom academisch gezelschap” (ISBN 9-789052-602752)

“POST CS Het Boek” (ISBN 978-90-79566-01-3)

“Architecture Now 6” (ISBN 978-3-8365-0193-4)

“Green Architecture Now” (ISBN 978-3-8365-0372-3)

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